Shadows: A Prelude to Ghosts


Jessica waved and said her good-byes as she descended the stairs outside of Blackthorne’s Books and Sundries. Tonight’s meeting was blessedly different from ones in the previous months: no one lost to the Formor this week, no guest speakers polishing their self-defense skills, and no need to huddle with other ‘netters in what charitably could be called a bunker in fear of her life. It had been a laid-back affair with everyone talking shop over coffee and cakes: a rare moment of normalcy in a world that increasingly seemed to have spun out of control.

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19 Days till BrigadeCon 2015!

I had the privilege of creating two videos for the countdown to this years BrigadeCon. The second of these, entitled simply”19 Days till BrigadeCon 2015″ , came out today. In it I talk about how one goes about joining one of the many exciting adventures on offer at BrigadeCon this year.

Check it out here: 19 Days till BrigadeCon 2015!

Welcome to Roll for Your Fate!

Hey folks, welcome to my latest endeavor in the wondrous hobby of tabletop roleplaying games: Roll for Your Fate! Here I’ll be posting audio, visual, and text of my thoughts regarding the hobby and my experiences within it. I look forward to sharing with you all and having continued discussions regarding tabletop roleplaying games.

Stay tuned!