Wanted: Heroes, Session 2 Recap

Welcome back folks to another recap! It’s been a couple of crazy weeks for me, but last night, February 27th 2016, I hosted and ran the second session of supers in alternate-history London. Are players and characters again are Dennis K. as Dr. Tobias Hutton Mulville III/Steam Hammer, Ian W. as Brendon O’Grady/Psyphon, and Thomas E. as Warren Harper/The Beacon.

Here’s what happened.

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Behind the Session (Wanted: Heroes, Session 1)

New genre ya’ll! That’s right, I am trying my hand at running superheroes. A genre I feel Fate is aptly suited for. This was a very solid session overall and I got to welcome a new player to my table in the form of Thomas E.

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Wanted: Heroes, pt. 1 “Origins” Recap

On February 6th I ran my first ever superhero-styled game, as well as my first game using the recently improved Venture City superpower rules. You can watch the session here at Roll for Your Fate on YouTube. Here’s a recap:

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Power Drama Initiative

I recently discovered new way of doing initiative for Fate, Alternative Initiative by Ryan M. Danks. Click on it, read it, it’s awesome. I’ve used it for two sessions of Fate now – Bad Deal, pt. 1 and Wanted: Heroes, pt. 1 “Origins” – and it has been a blast. It takes a bit getting used to, especially if your used to roll or skill-based initiatives like…pretty much everyone.

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Behind the Session: Bad Deal, pt. 1

The wait is over! The dynamic wizarding duo of Alex Blackheart, played by Dennis K., and Kaden Nuru, played by Mathew B., is back! This is been a few months in the making, but with me travelling to the States and the holidays it is only now that it happens. I was super excited for this session, and I have a couple of talking points from it I’d like to share.

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