All Our Blood: Prologue Recap

I have been running a very energetic play-by-post over on Mythweaver’s: All Our Blood, a chronicle of Vampire the Masquerade, 20th Edition. In my mind, any play-by-post that survives a few months and gets past the opening is a success, but the players here have done a splendid job of keeping my energy up by being awesome. We’ve now moved on to the first chapter, so here is a recap for the Prologue – Sleepless Days and Painful Nights:

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Things Look a Little Different…

New banner and theme choice! WOOHOO!!!

I decided I wanted to make a little bit of a change. Going for a cleaner look all around, in my humble opinion. It’s also good to switch things up every once in awhile. Content won’t be changing though, and you all can still expect my thoughts on a range or tabletop roleplaying game topics.

For now, enjoy the new digs!

Follow-up: Fairy Tail with Fate

You all might remember my post regarding a system for running magic in Fairy Tail using Fate Accelerated. Well, I had a chance to actually see how it worked and…well…it wasn’t great. It was clunky, and failed to actually address what I was shooting for. Hey, that’s fine, live and learn. It did bring me to a few conclusions however..

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