From the Personal Correspondence of Captain Marcus J. Taylor

We have investigated the conduct of Captain Marcus J. Taylor regarding the incident involving one Daniel Taylor, first cousin of Captain Taylor. While this is clearly a source of emotional stress for the captain, we have found nothing to indicate that he is a security risk. Continued observation may be required, however this incident with a close relatively may spur Captain Taylor to a more enthusiastic investigation of REDACTED than he may have otherwise.

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Mission Report from May 13th, 1998 – Operation Sweeper: Personal Notations of Captain Marcus J. Taylor

May 13th, 1998

Mission Report – Operation Sweeper

Captain Marcus J. Taylor, Reporting

Additional Comments:

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Power Drama Initiative

I recently discovered new way of doing initiative for Fate, Alternative Initiative by Ryan M. Danks. Click on it, read it, it’s awesome. I’ve used it for two sessions of Fate now – Bad Deal, pt. 1 and Wanted: Heroes, pt. 1 “Origins” – and it has been a blast. It takes a bit getting used to, especially if your used to roll or skill-based initiatives like…pretty much everyone.

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The Curious Case of Experience

I recently ran my first full session of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, an old-school d20-style game (recap to come). As I sat here considering the session, I had an odd session wash over me. Something didn’t feel right, and it had nothing to do with the performances of my players (who were awesome) or myself (for once!). Nay, it had to do with the system itself, a very specific part of the system.

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The Style-Wars

I was briefly a part of a discussion on one of the many fine Facebook Groups dedicated to the hobby. The topic was on the perennial debate over style of play in role-playing games. It was all good stuff, but one commentator stood out to me. This individual, quite directly, stated that they come to a table to play a game and not engage in any story-telling hogwash (I’m paraphrasing). I didn’t respond at the time, not wanting to be drawn into a style-war sort of argument, but it did get me thinking.

Thus, having percolated a bit, I would like to start with this: play as thou wilt.

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