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Summaries of play sessions, plus opinions and analysis.

Star Wars: Rebels of Eridraan Recap #1

Oh boy, it has been a while since I’ve had any time or anything to say. Priorities or something…but I’m back! I’m starting the year off right with a brand new campaign using a system I have never tried to run before: Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars – Age of Rebellion. This has been a long time come, and on Saturday, 14th of January 2017, I ran my first session of it and my new campaign.


Adventures in the Sword Coast Recap #1

Welcome to another recap! This time, it is for my first taste of Dungeon Mastering for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Based in Faerun, my Adventures in the Sword Coast is currently working its way through The Lost Mines of Phandelvar. So not only am I running a system new to me, I’ve also gone one further for me and am using an established module. Trust in me though, the sky isn’t falling, we’re trying new things.


All Our Blood: Prologue Recap

I have been running a very energetic play-by-post over on Mythweaver’s: All Our Blood, a chronicle of Vampire the Masquerade, 20th Edition. In my mind, any play-by-post that survives a few months and gets past the opening is a success, but the players here have done a splendid job of keeping my energy up by being awesome. We’ve now moved on to the first chapter, so here is a recap for the Prologue – Sleepless Days and Painful Nights: