Venture City Revisited Preview

The stars seemed to align perfectly: I wanted to run a superhero-themed game of Fate Core, Evil Hat had Venture City, and then double-downed by offering an early look at their expanded version of the book via their current Kickstarter (if you’re a fan of Fate and hardcover books for the shelf, check it out). So of course I backed it – twenty bucks seemed a small price to get these rules a bit early on top of a kick-ass hardcover book later down the road.

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Down and Out in London Town Recap

I ran the first full session of my Magic Earth campaign on January 16th (check it out here). This session stars Dennis K. as Jacques Allard, a holy warrior from France recently recovered from a disastrous Crusade against the Fae, and Tim O. as Rosaleen Quinn, an occultist Irish Traveler with a demonic heritage. Jacques and Rosaleen know each other from a chance encounter: both had attempted to stop The Hands of Everlasting Darkness, a cult, from summoning a demon into the world. They stopped the cult and the summoning, apparently, but at a great cost of life.

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“Everything’s Gone To Hell”, pt. 1: From the Journals of Albrecht Fiddlestein

Day 187 of exile in this shithole:

EVERYTHING WANTS A PIECE OF MEE!!! Not in the “oh Albrecht, you’re soo a hand-some, please  plow me vigorously” kind of way but in the “oh Albrecht, you’re so tasty, let us drag you into our cold black den and devour you” kind of way! I’m not sure what I have gotten myself into, but if I live I am going to give that hag at the Bathory & Cage a piece of my not in-considerable mind!

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The Curious Case of Experience

I recently ran my first full session of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, an old-school d20-style game (recap to come). As I sat here considering the session, I had an odd session wash over me. Something didn’t feel right, and it had nothing to do with the performances of my players (who were awesome) or myself (for once!). Nay, it had to do with the system itself, a very specific part of the system.

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“Are Those Bells for Me?” – From the Journal of Quinn of the Kingston Barrow

I woke to the ringing of bells (looking back as I write this, I’d say that was probably the least fucked up morning call I could have expected). I was dizzy, disoriented. I had no idea were I was. I tried to sit up and, immediately upon the attempt, was sick into an empty bucket that lay nearby.

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The Consecution of an Emperor Recap

Today’s recap is brought to us by Tim O.’s Sunday Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Sessions.

This  was my second session with the group, third overall (if I am not mistaken), taking place in the city of Zhao Shu on the eve of the transition of power from one Emperor to another. Last session, the group launched their efforts to recover a magical tome that could heal Urnst (played by Anthony F.) of his withering affliction from the library of Fen Wu.

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2015: What a Wild Ride!

I can say, without a doubt, that 2015 was a crazy year with many up’s and downs and changes. One constant through it all was this thing we call roleplaying games. I’ve been privileged to play and run many great games this year, continuing forward the momentum in the hobby that began for me at the first BrigadeCon.

I’d therefore like to take this opportunity, as others around the community have, to put this wild ride of a year in review.

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