Simply Accelerated Mass Effect!

Most of the feedback I had for my preview of Mass Effect Accelerated was very positive, but one critique that came up was that it seemed too complex for a game of Fate Accelerated. While I like the level of complexity and granularity I am achieving (as I think it models the video games well with Fate), it definitely isn’t for every Fate GM or player. This inspired me to take a pass at Mass Effect as modeled after the excellent It’s Not My Fault.

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So You Wanna Make a Character: Mass Effect RPG (Unofficial)

I’ve been so busy taking it to the kett and forging a new home for the sapients of the Milky Way Galaxy in Andromeda, I almost forgot to let you all know about my latest So You Wanna Make a Character video. This one is on the fantastic, but unofficial, Mass Effect RPG using Fate 3.0 by Don Mappin. Take a look at the video if you want to see Don’s work in action as we bring a hotshot turian ace to life!