Review: Leaves of Chiaroscuro

What would it be like to know that humanity is but one of God’s many sentient creatures? What if magic had shaped the very course human civilization? What if we lived in the shadows of a wondrous age long past and one that has only just arrived?

If you’ve ever asked questions like these, or if they stir your imagination, look no further than the alternate world of Asiyah and Leaves of Chiaroscuro, a world of exploration, intrigue, and magic Powered by Fate Core. Asiyah is a world not entirely unlike our own, experiencing the Renaissance much as we did but with notable exceptions: in Asiyah, there be dragons! Magicians both meager and magnificent ply their trade along side a new wave of inventors. Strange, beings known as celati walk the streets of Asiyah’s Italian city-states, remnants of when the world was young and enchanted.

Written by Megan Bennett-Burks and Jason Lada, Leaves of Chiaroscuro offers a unique historical roleplaying experience in a world that never was, leveraging the flexibility of Fate to bring its strangeness and intrigues to life. Let’s peel open the pages of this unique experience and take a closer look. Continue reading “Review: Leaves of Chiaroscuro”


Mission Report from May 13th, 1998 – Operation Sweeper: Personal Notations of Captain Marcus J. Taylor

May 13th, 1998

Mission Report – Operation Sweeper

Captain Marcus J. Taylor, Reporting

Additional Comments:

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Captain Marcus Taylor (Stargate: Homefront Character)

This Saturday, March 7th, I will be playing in the first session of Thomas Elmebolm’s Stargate: Homefront three-shot. I’m really excited to be apart of it. On Saturday, I will be playing Captain Marcus Taylor, a United States Air Force JAG officer assigned to Cheyenne Mountain. Here’s a look at his sheet, pending any last minute changes:

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