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Welcome to Camp Kaboom

Half-a-dozen recruits, fresh off the bus, stood at attention. They were lined up for their first inspection in the center of the recently repopulated boom-town. Before them stood two gray cloaked figures: one a gnarled, hunched-over old man with sun-weathered brown skin with a long beard, and the other a tall bespectacled white woman, her blond hair held tightly in a bun on the top of her head. Silent looks passed between the recruits as they waited for the Wardens to do or say something.

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Behind the Session: Bad Deal, pt. 1

The wait is over! The dynamic wizarding duo of Alex Blackheart, played by Dennis K., and Kaden Nuru, played by Mathew B., is back! This is been a few months in the making, but with me travelling to the States and the holidays it is only now that it happens. I was super excited for this session, and I have a couple of talking points from it I’d like to share.

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2015: What a Wild Ride!

I can say, without a doubt, that 2015 was a crazy year with many up’s and downs and changes. One constant through it all was this thing we call roleplaying games. I’ve been privileged to play and run many great games this year, continuing forward the momentum in the hobby that began for me at the first BrigadeCon.

I’d therefore like to take this opportunity, as others around the community have, to put this wild ride of a year in review.

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Behind the Session: Ghosts

Ghosts, a session of The Dresden Files RPG, was what I ran for this years BrigadeCon. I was able to play with some new folks, introducing them to the game for the first time. In that I hope I was a pleasant gate way, showcasing to them the strength of the game and the setting. Like every session, I have some thoughts about how it went so lets talk about it.

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Recap for Ghosts: A Session of The Dresden Files RPG

Ghosts was the session of The Dresden Files RPG that I ran this year for BrigadeCon (Streak!). It was a great four hours with Rob D., Chris J., Lloyd T., and Michael W. and I was pleased with the session. Let’s sum it up:

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